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SONG OF INDIA (Dracaena reflexa)


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Botanical name Dracaena reflexa
Common name Song of India / Song of Jamica
Family Asparagaceae
About While it may reach a height of 4–5 m, rarely 6 m in ideal, protected locations, The plant is usually much smaller, especially when grown as a houseplant. It is slow-growing and upright in habit, tending to an oval shape with an open crown. The lanceolate leaves are simple, spirally arranged, 5–20 cm long and 1.5–5 cm broad at the base, with a parallel venation and entire margin; they grow in tight whorls.
Category House plant
Plant type Perennial evergreen.
Origin Native to Mozambique, Madagascar, Mauritius, and other nearby islands of the Indian Ocean.
Potting medium Use well drained, aerated, loamy, organic matter enriched potting medium GrowpoT–H. Sterilised to reduce the risk of fungal infection & root rot. pH value 6 – 7.
Light In indoor condition, the plant requires abundance of bright indirect light. Plant can survive under low light condition but will grow in a slower rate; leaves will be smaller in size & less vibrant.
Irrigation Don’t over Irrigate or submerged the plant, wait for top half of the medium reach to dry before re-watering. Feel the medium by touch to decide the time of watering.

For tap water, preserve the water 24 hrs to minimise the presence of salts, chlorine, fluoride etc.

Fertigation Particulars Dose Schedule Mode
Summer winter
GROWMUSS 10 gm / 8” pot 15 Days 30 Days Soil application
Neem Bahar 10 gm / 8” pot 15 Days 30 Days Soil application
Micro nutrient gROWMIN SUPER (f) 2 gm / litre 15 Days 30 Days Foliar spray
Black cobra 3 ml / litre Alternative
Pest control Growneem 3 ml / litre 15 Days 15 Days Foliar spray
Toxicity Non-toxic to pets & human.


Standard Pot – Plastic pot (Click here to see)
· Pot size – 4 inch to 6 inch

· Plant Size – 6 inch to 24 inch (The size may vary based on the availability of the plant/s)

Potting Medium – Coco-peat/ Soil (as and where applicable).


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