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Botanical name Mangifera indica
Common name Mango
Family Anacardiaceae
Category Perennial, evergreen,outdoor fruit plant.
Plant type Tropical fruit plant
Origin Tropical southeast Asia, India
Potting medium A rich, peat-based potting soil with excellent drainage is beneficial. If planting a mango in the garden, make sure it is in soil that can dry out slightly between watering.
Light Mango seedlings require bright light but not direct sunlight. Once the plant starts to grow, give it as much light as possible, including moving it outside if possible.​ It needs at least six hours of sun per day and preferably eight to 10 hours. It’s best if you can place it in a south-facing area. In the winter, you might need to provide a grow light.
Irrigation Water regularly, several times a week in dry weather, but do not leave the plant to sit with “wet feet” in soggy soil. The mango plant, like many tropical fruits, thrives in periods of alternating wet and dry. Seeds require regular moisture to sprout.
Fertigation Weekly feeding withliquid fertilizer throughout the growing season. Cut fertilizer back to once a month or so in the winter. During the blooming season, use a fertilizer that is lower in nitrogen and higher in potassium and phosphorus.

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Type of Mangoes

Amrapali, Mallika, Himsagar, Langra, Kesar Mango, Alphonso, Banana Mango, Cati mon, Thai Dwarf (All time), Black Mango, Blue Mango, P.G Mango, Apple Mango, Chaunsa, Dasheri

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  1. Narendra Pal

    What is the price of mango tree

    • Avijit Ghosh

      Price varies according to the variety & it is ranging from INR 150 – INR 600. So please go thorough sub section of mango and select the variety e.g. amrapali, katimon etc.

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