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Botanical name Dracaena sanderiana
Common name Lucky Bamboo
Family Asparagaceae
About The common houseplant that most people refer to as lucky bamboo is not actually bamboo. While the stalks or stems do resemble bamboo, it’s actually called Dracaena or Dracaena sanderiana.  
Category House plant
Plant type Perennial
Origin Central Africa
Light Lucky bamboo prefers bright, filtered sunlight. Exposure to direct sunlight will scorch the leaves. Plants are more tolerant to less light than too much. If the plant appeared to be dull, leaf colour getting faded, then it requires to place under more light.
Water Change the water & clean the pebbles & bowl once in a week.

For tap water, preserve the water 24 hrs to minimise the presence of salts, chlorine, fluoride etc.

  Particulars Dose Schedule Mode
Summer winter
Micro nutrient Lifeline 2 ml / Litre 60 Days 90 Days Liquid application
Pest control Growneem 2 ml / litre 30 Days 30 Days Foliar spray
Toxicity Toxic to pets & human.
Toxic chemical Saponin
Symptom Vomiting (occasionally with blood), depression, anorexia, hyper salivation, dilated pupils (cats).


  • · Glass Boll (Click here to see)· Pebbles· Plant type – 2 layer & 3 layers

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Bamboo – Lucky – 2 Layer, Bamboo – Lucky – 3 Layer


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