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Botanical name Litchi chinensis
Common name Lichi
Family Sapindaceae
Category Perennial, evergreen,outdoor fruit plant.
Plant type Tropical fruit plant
Origin Guangdong and Fujian provinces of Southern China, Indian Subcontinent and South Africa.
Potting medium Lychee does not like alkaline soils, so amending garden soil with pine bark or pine needles may be necessary. If you are trying to grow it as a potted plant, use a slightly acidic potting soil.
Light Lychee thrives in full sun, but be aware that the plants need to be acclimated. Young plants that are not used to full sun will suffer from sudden exposure to bright light, but once acclimated, they will definitely perform better.
Irrigation These plants prefer ample and regular water throughout the year. Lychee does not have a natural winter resting period, so it will not benefit from a suspension of watering as do some other fruit trees.
Fertigation Weekly feeding with liquid fertilizer throughout the growing season. Cut fertilizer back to once a month or so in the winter.

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Type of Litchi

Mumbai, Muzaffarpur, Seed-less, Chinese – 3, Loquat


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