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Hoya Sweetheart Variegated Plant


  • Pictures are for reference only.
  • Delivered plant may vary in shape & size as is shown. Variety will remain unaltered.
  • Design of packet may be changed without prior notice. 



Botanical name Hoya Kerrii
Common name Sweet Heart / Lucky Heart
Family Apocynaceae
About Hoya kerrii is a climbing plant that can grow up to 4 meters high (around 13 feet). Stems have a diameter of 7 mm. The leaves are 6 cm wide, 5 mm thick. Adult plants show inflorescences of 5 cm diameter and up to 25 flowers. They produce small balls of nectar, coloured red to brown.
Category House plant
Plant type Perennial, Succulent
Origin China, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia
Potting medium Use potting medium for succulent GrowpoT–S enrich in organic matter & mineral. Select a pot of optimum size minimise rot & other fungal disease. Too small pot will restrict the growth & a big pot will induce rot & other fungal disease.
Light The plant tolerate good amount of indirect light. But it can grow under semi shaded condition also. To some extent hoya can with stand sunlight also, So placement of is not a big issue.
Irrigation Don’t saturate the medium with water; wait for medium to dry a little, between irrigations.

For tap water, preserve the water 24 hrs to minimise the presence of salts, chlorine, fluoride etc.

Fertigation Particulars Dose Schedule Mode
Summer winter
bIOCHAMP 10 gm / 8” pot 90 Days NIL Soil application
Micro nutrient gROWMIN – L 2 mL / litre 90 Days NIL Foliar spray
Pest control Growneem 3 ml / litre 30 Days 30 Days Foliar spray
Toxicity Non-toxic to pets & human.


Standard Pot – Plastic pot (Click here to see)
· Pot size – 4 inch to 6 inch

· Plant Size – 6 inch to 24 inch (The size may vary based on the availability of the plant/s)

Potting Medium – Coco-peat/ Soil (as and where applicable).


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