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Dragon Fruit plant


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Botanical name Hylocereus undatus
Common name Dragon fruit
Category Perennial, evergreen,outdoor plant.
Plant type Cactus.
Origin Native to Central America, Mexico
Potting medium Use good quality of cacti potting soil that is a bit sandy and slightly acidic. Always add a bit of extra potting mix to the bed to help make it cacti-proof.
Light Full Sun light
Irrigation Make it sure that the soil never sopping wet either in pot or on earth, if in doubt hold on watering for day or two. So prepare your pot with ideal drainage system. Don’t let the roots cause to rot by watering unnecessary. When on earth, make deep drain between the beds or with the bed to make it free from water logging even in rain.

Additional information

Type of Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit – Red, Dragon Fruit – Yellow


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