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Camellia Plants


  • Pictures are for reference only.
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Botanical name Camellia sasanqua / Camellia japonica
Common name CAMELLIA
Family Theaceae
About Camellia japonica is a flowering tree or shrub, usually 1.5–6 metres tall. Some cultivated varieties achieve a size of 72 m2 or more. The youngest branches are purplish brown, becoming greyish brown as they age. The alternately arranged leathery leaves are dark green on the top side, paler on the underside, usually 5–11 centimetres long by 2.5–6 centimetres wide with a stalk (petiole) about 5–10 millimetres long. The base of the leaf is pointed, the margins are very finely toothed and the tip somewhat pointed
Category Flowering – Perennial.
Plant type Outdoor evergreen climber.
Origin Native to China and Japan.
Potting medium When grown as potted plant, use well drained, aerated, loamy, organic matter enriched potting medium GROWPOT–H. Sterilised to reduce the risk of fungal infection & root rot. pH value 5.5 – 6.5.
Pruning Pruning should be kept at a minimum with camellia, as it can ruin the natural shape of the shrub. Prune camellias after flowering to keep the interior of the shrubs free of dead and non-blooming branches. Remove any branches that droop on the ground.
Light Grow well under partial shade. Protection from afternoon sun at summer season to be avoided.
Irrigation Irrigate the plant adequately in spring & summer; Don’t keep the medium dehydrated. Camellia can’t with stand dry medium. Providing irrigation during flower bud formation is most important.
For tap water, preserve the water 24 hrs to minimise the presence of salts, chlorine, fluoride etc.
GROWMUSS 10-15 gm / 8” pot 15 Days 30 Days Soil application
NEEM BAHAR 10-15 gm / 8” pot 15 Days 30 Days Soil application
Micro nutrient LIFELINE 3 ml / litre 15 Days 30 Days Foliar spray
GROWMIN MAXIMUM① 2 gm / litre ① Alternative
Pest control GROWNEEM 3 ml / litre 15 Days 15 Days Foliar spray
Toxicity Non-toxic to pets.


Standard Pot – Plastic pot (Click here to see)
· Pot size – 4 inch to 6 inch

· Plant Size – 6 inch to 24 inch (The size may vary based on the availability of the plant/s)

Potting Medium – Coco-peat/ Soil (as and where applicable).


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